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{April 30, 2010}   My Uterus…my business!

I was recently accosted by a neighbor who demanded to know when I was going to start ‘having some babies’.

I gave her my standard response of ‘my uterus and I will make that decision when we’re good and ready’…but what I really wanted to do was rip her tongue out and whip her with it!

When did something so intensely private and personal become a topic people felt the need to just bring up? I mean I don’t go around asking” when are you gonna stop popping out future welfare dependents?” Or. “Hasn’t your uterus quit you yet?”

People need to recognize boundaries are there for a reason. Just because we’re women doesn’t give you the right to address something so personal without invitation or offer any unsolicited advice.

It is a testimony to how much I’ve mellowed over the years that I was able to be civil to her, and continue to be so even now.

But my patience is wearing thin! People need to stop already!

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